Toronto Web Design Trends For 2018 so far

We’re over halfway into 2018 and it’s once again time to see what trends are at the forefront for the Toronto website designer. 2017 ushered in a number of new tools for Toronto web development, and this year we have seen the evolution of those tools, plus some exciting new technology as well.

Responsive Design

Responsive design was not new to 2018 for web design Toronto, but we certainly saw a huge increase in its use and that should continue throughout 2017 as well. Responsive design is the ability for a website to adapt to the device that is viewing it. Your Toronto website design, should be able to have a unique format and maximize the available screen space on several different type of devices whether is a PC, Tablet (in portrait or landscape mode), or mobile device. If your website is not yet responsive, you need to have a talk with web design companies Toronto as it has an impact on your Google search rankings.


2017 may be the first year that wearable tech becomes mainstream with the advent of the AppleWatch. This will pose a new and exciting challenge for the Toronto website designer to develop a website interface for the super small screen and we’re looking forward to seeing great innovations here. We may also see a number of headset display interfaces start to evolve as manufactured start to bring their products to market, including Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, and Oculus Rift. This may finally be the year where Virtual Reality is fully available.

Things Are Getting Bigger

We are starting to see design elements get bigger with web designer Toronto, much bigger. Surf the web for a while and you will notice web design trends such as very large, high-impact, background images as well as very large and engaging typography. The limits are being pushed with web design companies Toronto and the results are a highly engaging, interactive user experience. If you are still using boring fonts and imagery with your website, then again, you should have a talk with your Toronto website designer to shake things up.

Goodbye Click, Welcome Scroll

One of the latest Toronto web development trends is to reduce the number of clicks a user makes in favor of scrolling. You’ve probably seen a host of new Toronto website designs that contain this new feature in which a user will scroll down to obtain more information, rather than clicking on various links. This new interface style is in recognition of all of the touch screen devices available in today’s market and is likely to set a new standard in 2015.

Should You Meet With Your Toronto Website Developer Often?

Before you sign a contract or agreement with a Toronto website developer, it is always a good idea to inquire about their onsite meeting policy. Many Toronto web design firms have a minimum and maximum number of meetings per client that they find appropriate and knowing this information can be critical to the success of your website development project. The length of these meetings, location, and content require a time commitment from both parties and will have impacts on deadlines and deliverables.

If a Toronto website development firm is unwilling to have any onsite meetings, then this could signal a ‘red flag’ on their business practices and you should proceed with caution. If a web design company is going to build your online presence, then they should visit your business to gain a greater understanding of your products, services, and the overall business environment. After all, a good Toronto website design firm will become your internet partner for years to come – shouldn’t they at least visit you from time to time?

There can also be the other extreme – where there are too many onsite meetings. This can put unnecessary time demands on you and your staff as well as inefficiencies in regards to project management. Professional website design companies in Toronto will know how to effectively manage a project while respecting your valuable time. They can provide superior communication in the most time efficient manner possible.

Toronto web design companies that are experienced in client relationships will leverage today’s online collaborative technology when it comes to meetings. These firms will often hold online meetings, where you can audio or video conference with the client, while a demonstration of the project status is displayed on your PC. Toronto web design firms often prefer this type of meeting as it provides a number of benefits to both the client and developer.

With online meetings, you can schedule them at a moment’s notice, and not have to wait for days or weeks for an acceptable time for all parties. There’s also no travel time involved, or booking of boardrooms or other resources, which is far more time efficient. Problems or issues can be resolved instantly, rather than being postponed until the next physical meeting.

In addition, online meetings will allow your Toronto web development firm to have all of its resources available to you throughout the meeting – something that may not be possible with an onsite meeting. This allows the meeting to be far more productive with all of the tools readily available.

In the end, the frequency of meeting with your Toronto web developer all comes down to your own comfort level. A solid web site project plan will identify the milestones within the development of your website, these milestones could be focused on design, databases, development work, project deliverables, etc. Meeting, whether onsite or online, at the start or completion of these milestones is a good guideline to follow and will ensure that your project is both on time and on budget.


Things they don’t teach you in Toronto web design school

Being in the Toronto web design industry, apart from being afforded the misconception that “anyone with Photoshop can do this”, is that you inevitably get asked the following: “How do you get started?  Where do you even start to learn to do this?” and most often “My son/daughter/nephew/cousin/(whoever) wants be a website designer in Toronto, what can you tell them to help them get a job?”

I have worked website development in Toronto for Rebel Trail as a designer for the better part of 15 years.  Looking a back, it’s hard to compare what I learned in school to what I use on the job, on a daily basis.  Apart from the software (that no longer resembles what we use today) and basic design or business training – not a lot.

They don’t teach OCD, a compulsive attention to detail, or the ability to tune out distractions. You just have to love what you do and Toronto web design schools can’t teach you passion.  BUT I will list the some of the things you SHOULD know or try to learn while trying to make it the Toronto website development industry:

Learn to ask the right questions.

If you ask 20 people to describe the colours of autumn, you will get an infinite amount of variations of what those people think autumn looks like.  Asking someone to describe what they envision for their Toronto website design project, without guiding them with the right questions won’t get you the end result the client seeks.  Most website design clients have a good idea of what they want in the design, while some don’t.  Using a standard questionnaire for projects in the beginning is a great way to focus the discussion and keep on the project moving forward.

Hone your listening skills

Learning to pick up on keywords during Toronto website design meetings or phone calls will help you enormously during the web design stage.  Things like, ‘clean’, ‘edgy’ or ‘soft’ can carry a design in different directions.  Sharing ideas and encouraging open dialogue between client and website designer can accomplish more than a design but also a solid business relationship.

Lorem Ipsum is my best friend.

Oh ‘Lorem Ipsum’, where would my website designs be without you!   Using lorem ipsum text in the design stage is essential.  It gives you and your client an idea of what the design will look like with text without burdening your client to come up give up new content right away and impeding design.  Not everyone knows what lorem ipsum is though.   The definition is :

Lorem Ipsum is dummy text which has no meaning however looks very similar to real text. Common names for Lorem ipsum text include: – blind text – dummy text – greeked text – placeholder text – mock content – filler text.

It’s still the biggest tool I use almost every day.  Make lorem your friend too.

More to come!  Stay tuned…

Why Choose Toronto Web Development Companies

Is your business starting the process of designing or redesigning a website? After you purchase your business domain name and hire a web hosting company what you need is a web developer (although some firms like Rebel Trail provide both).

The web developer or web designer is the party who would create your website i.e. add content to it and design it to make it useful and attractive. There are basically three methods you can get your website developed.

Firstly, you can use free software to build it from the scratch. This is a DIY solution but it is never recommended for business websites. Web development software is okay if it is your personal website, but for a business website this software will often fall short of accomplishing all of your goals.

The other two methods include hiring web development companies or freelancers. Both of them are hired for business websites but below is a comparative study between the two that would help you to take a sound decision.

Cost involved

Since cost is the first criterion about which most people enquire, let it be on the top! Any web design company has to bear a huge amount of costs due to salary of staffs, maintenance and administration cost, marketing cost, etc. A freelancer on the other hand has minimum expenses as he or she has almost no overhead cost. Therefore, freelancers would charge much less than a web design company.

Quality of work

Since, you are having your business in Toronto you would be able to hire a good Toronto website development firm without much hassle. The quality to be offered by them would be quite high because of their experience and professional attitude towards the work. Freelancers on the other hand are likely to be less experienced and have a less professional attitude as they are involved with web designing as part timers.


When it comes to the question of reliability a Toronto web design company would be a more reliable option than any freelancer. The reason is that the company has a registered office in Toronto and they remain liable for any kind of damage caused by not delivering the work, partially delivering or not doing the work properly. Moreover, a web design company has to maintain their reputation so they will not do anything that would hamper their goodwill. On the other hand, a freelancer is generally contacted online and you do not have any scope for asking for any compensation from them.

After sales service

After they deliver you the website, a good web development firm will always keep in touch with you. You would be able to get their help in case of any problem faced later on. A freelancer, on the other hand, delivers you a website and later on becomes untraceable and you will have to hire some other web developer who might not even know the codes with which the website was built.


Having considered all the above points it is better to hire a web development Toronto firm even if they charge a little more than freelancers because of their better quality, higher reliability and continued services.


Things to Consider When Designing and Developing a Website

The successful online presence of your business is only possible by having solid website design. This is where the assistance of a professional web development company is a must. This article will list out many things that a web development company in Toronto should include in your website. All the elements mentioned here are consistently used among successful sites.

The development of your Toronto web site should include three important factors such as interface design, content creation and actual web development. The elements that should be included in any website design are listed below.

Visual appearance

The visual appearance of the website is very important for any business owner. Whether your website is a ecommerce portal or a service oriented website, good visual appearance is must.

Thoughtful user interface

Good interface is next to good website design. The user interface is nothing but the foundation of good website design. The user interface of the website should be designed keeping the type of customers in consideration.  The Toronto web developer should make sure that the customer gets everything that is needed in order to achieve maximum results.

Primary navigation

Toronto web development styles dictate that the navigation should be easy to comprehend by the audience. All primary means of navigation should be kept on the top of the website and the secondary links should be placed on side bars.

Meaningful content

A good website design should be accompanied by good content as well. Knowledgeable and informative content on your website adds good support

About page

Most of the customer will be curious to know about the company as your brand gets popular in the market. ‘About us’ pages on the website should contain some solid information about your back ground which details about your expertise in the field.

Contact information

The contact information that the Toronto web development company presents on the website should give multiple options for the customer to reach you.

Toronto Website Design Companies: A Primer

With the competition rising every day you just can’t leave room for any error and not owning a website in today’s world is a big mistake. With most of the people nowadays judge your business not by visiting it, but by going through your website. Also, having a website is certainly going to help get in more clients and help you expand your business. To get yourself a website you can contact web development companies, which can create websites, both professionally and according to your requirement. So here is how you can choose the best web design firms.

Deadline should be met

There are so many web development companies out there, but not all of them are competent enough.Every day you delay in getting yourself a website the more potential clients you loose and in turn more business you lose. So if you ask a Toronto web design company to design you a website they should be able to deliver it to you on time without any delays.

Website should be user friendly

A good website is one which is user friendly. No one likes a website where one has to dig in for some kind of important information. So it is of utmost importance that you ask a Toronto web development firm to design a website in such a way so that a user feels comfortable browsing your website. No one can stress on the fact how important is it for you to choose a good web developer for your website so that you have a good business expansion.

Flexibility in design

What if after finalizing all the design with the web developer you have hired for your website you would like to make some changes to the design? There are web developerswhich would say that we cannot change the designs now as our experts have already worked on your design. Now if this was to happen to you what good it is to hire a web developer? So talk to your web development firm before you hire them to create your website that if they would be able to tweak the designs if you wished so.

Website can bear the traffic

Once your site is set up you would certainly want that it doesn’t crash even if there is a lot of traffic on your website. So you need to ask your web development, Toronto Company to design a website which can work smoothly even if there is a lot of traffic. Some developers also offer you a choice in which you could see how your website would work if there was more traffic on it than usual. You might have to shell out a bit more to try the above, but it is better because if your website crashes for just few minutes you could lose a considerable amount of business.

Of course budget

Budget should always be in sight when hiring a website developer. With so many web developers out there you can easily find a service which would be well within your budget and could provide you with an excellent website keeping in mind all your requirements.

Your Website Could Be More Social

When discussing the website goals of a new client, we often ask “What about social media integration?”. This question is often met with uncertainty, or the client simply assumes that their website or business is inapplicable to the social media giants. However, now more than ever you should be taking advantage of social media sites as they can be one of the best promotional tools in your online marketing strategy.

Social Media sites (specifically Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +), have all realized that their services are not just for individuals. Every day, thousands of businesses and organizations are creating new social media accounts in hopes of attracting more potential customers to their websites. The reasons are simple: there is an enormous amount of potential clients that can be easily reached by leveraging social media tools.

Facebook is set to achieve one billion users by August 2012 – that’s one in seven people on the planet. At the time of this article, Twitter has an impressive 150 million users, and LinkedIn and Google + are also growing exponentially every year.

To reach this vast audience, we often recommend that your social media contributions are a delicate balance of both useful information and promotional material. If your social media content is too heavy with business promotion you will likely not attract many users, followers, or likers, as no one is interested in a social media site full of ads. Rather we suggest that you submit helpful and timely news or tips through social media, and use direct promotion sparingly.

Many clients feel that the addition of social media sites will become an administrative burden to properly maintain and update. At Rebel Trail, we have addressed these concerns by developing Content Management Systems (CMS) that will integrate and disseminate information from one source to multiple online destinations. For example, with our content management systems, you can easily input a news article or tip, and instantly push the content to your website, Facebook profile, Twitter feed, Google + page, and several other social media sites. This saves a tremendous amount of time in keeping all of your sites up to date with current information.

Social media integration can also give you a big boost with the search engines. Search engine sites like Google specifically look for updated content and social media links. These sites tend to give preference to websites with frequently updated content and links to associated social media sites. We have helped many clients achieve top placement with the search engines by simply developing a social media strategy for them – and in many cases the results have been highly impressive.

To discuss the benefits that social media integration can bring to your website, contact Rebel Trail today.

Should You Build a Mobile Website

Many clients have asked us if they should build a secondary ‘mobile website’ to complement their primary website. Smartphones and other ultra-portable devices is the fastest growing market share of the website browsing world, and businesses are eager to cater to this audience.

There are many factors to consider when contemplating the development of a mobile website, but the most important of which would be screen size. The question to ask is: Will users be able to experience and navigate my website easily on a 3 – 6 inch screen as they would with a 7 – 27 inch monitor or tablet? In most cases, the answer is no.

When viewing websites with a mobile device, even the simplest of tasks can be made difficult. Consider the act of clicking on a text link; this is effortless on a larger monitor, but with a mobile device it may require scrolling, zooming, pinching, and often results in clicking on the wrong link on the miniature screen. This results in a frustrating experience for the user, and frustrated users are not likely to return to your website.

A mobile website should be ‘thumbs-compatible’, where buttons and links are larger and easily clicked on by the chubbiest of digits. Mobile websites should be stripped of all non-essential graphics and formats to allow for fast loading pages, and a simplified user experience. Mobile sites should be fully compatible with social media sites and make it simple for a user to share and spread your content or products.

Some clients are concerned that the additional of a mobile website to their standard website will result in double the maintenance. They do not want to spend extra time updating the content on two sites. At Rebel Trail, we develop smart Content Management Systems (CMS) where you input your new content or product once, and the system will publish it to your standard website, mobile website, as well as any associated social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. We call this single-input/multi-output and it is a true time-saver for our clients, while making it easy to organize content and products.

If you choose to not adopt a mobile website, then you should at least test that your existing website is mobile compliant. Many websites are using Adobe’s Flash on their introductory or landing pages which will not display on Apple mobile devices. There are a many other formatting features that look great on a larger monitor, but simply will not work on a mobile device. Make sure to test your website on as many mobile devices as possible and notify your web developer of any formatting or display issues.

If you would like to discuss your options for a mobile website please contact Rebel Trail today.

What is HTML5 and How Will It Benefit Your Website?

HTML5 is the next generation coding language for website development and has many enhancements to its predecessor, HTML4. HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language and almost all websites are built using some version of HTML.

It’s actually been a relatively long time since the Internet has seen an update to HTML, as HTML4 was released way back in 1999. Back then, some of the new features included building websites in frames, the ability to use style sheets, and enhancements to tables. HTML5 was made official in 2011 and introduced many new features to the development language. While many of these features are designed to help search engine rankings, as well as content definitions, there are several tools that make it easier to publish and edit website content. A list of some of the main features of HTML5 includes:

  • Easily add captions to images
  • Streamlined coding environment
  • Make online content editable
  • Advanced validation of online form input
  • Better support for audio and video files
  • Ability to preload videos and display better video controls

Almost all websites will benefit from the new features HTML5, especially those with content that is frequently updated, or those that contain content management systems. At Rebel Trail, all websites developed by our studios since 2011 are fully HTML5 compliant and employ that latest coding techniques designed to achieve maximum online exposure for your business.

For more information on HTML5 website development please contact Rebel Trail.

Toronto Website Development – How Do We Compare?

Toronto is a mecca for many things; food, fashion, and music dominate our culture, but what about website design in Toronto? Toronto web development services are plentiful and highly competitive, but like all markets, there are general only a few who excel in website design in Toronto.

The Toronto web design culture is leading the industry along with other cities such as New York, San Francisco, Paris and London. Web design in Toronto is a growth industry and new web development companies are starting every month. At Rebel Trail, we service clients from right across the continent who are interested in web development in Toronto. If you would like more information on Toronto website design, please contact Rebel Trail for all your web development services.