Toronto Web Design – 4 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

With the current landscape of Toronto Web Design it’s difficult to tell when its time to give your website a fresh new design. There are also many factors to consider such as your current Toronto web design versus that of your competitors as well as the overall functionality your website utilizes. Upgrading the functionality of your website is just as important as keeping the website design current. Further, there are always new technologies that can vastly improve your website’s performance, and if left ignored, these can benefit your competitors rather than you. At Rebel Trail Web Design, we have complied the top 4 signs your Toronto Web Design is in need of a refresh.

It’s Not Responsive

Responsive websites are commonplace today, and if your website is not responsive, you’re missing out on a great deal of potential business. Responsive websites change their format depending on the device that’s viewing them. This means a standard computer screen will display your website in one format, but a smartphone or tablet will display your website reformed to perfectly fit the smaller screens. By Toronto Web Design standards, responsive websites are an absolute must. Not only do search engines like Google gives your site a boost if its responsive, but half of your audience will be viewing your Toronto website through a mobile device – why not cater the website experience to them?

You’re losing search engine placement

If you notice that your search engine results are starting to slide, its time to consider a redesign. With a professional Toronto website development company, they will build your new website to all of the latest Search Engine standards. If your website was built several years ago, then it is missing out on all of the updates the search engines normally apply several times a year. This usually results in a gradual slide down the index until your website coding is made fully compliant again.

Objective Comparison With Your Competitors

You should be checking your competitor’s websites at least 2 – 3 times per year – but do so objectively. Sometimes this is difficult as you are so entwined with your own business. Think of getting an informal group of objective individuals to look at your site as well as your competitors – and ask them to provide honest feedback as to which site they would go to, and why. It is easy to lose objectivity with your own Toronto website design, so a fresh perspective will identify shortcomings and help your prepare for a website redesign.

Performance Issues

A website design that is slow to load, or worse yet, contains errors is a big sign that a redesign is required. Customers will naturally assume that a buggy website reflects on the service they can expect from your business and this closes doors pretty fast. You need to ensure that your Toronto website design loads quickly and is completely error free. A good Toronto website designer will fully test the website before it launches and will guarantee to fix any post-launch errors as well.


WordPress and Toronto Web Design – 3 Things You Should Know

Hardly a day goes by without web design Toronto companies receiving a call from a prospective client that is looking for a ‘WordPress Website’. Every web design Toronto firm should know this platform very well and should also have a number of web development projects that have been exclusively designed for this system. WordPress provides the environment for simple content management as well as a host of other display and functional tools for the Toronto website designer. However it does have it’s limitations – and that’s something your website designer Toronto should let you know.

Web development Toronto has evolved a great deal over the past 20 years and there are a number of options that are available to you. When selecting web development companies you should find a firm that has experience in all areas of webdesign, not just WordPress. Solid web design companies Toronto will thoroughly analyze your web development project and should provide you with an honest assessment if WordPress is right for you.

If your Toronto web design project contains very simple content management requirements, such as editing the text and graphics of a webpage, then WordPress may be an ideal solution. However if you require any kind of custom functionality or application development, then your website designer Toronto should let you know about the limitations of WordPress.

Like any ‘out of the box’ software, it cant do everything – and if your web development Toronto project requires a unique database, function, or application you will likely hit the limits of WordPress rather quickly. With WordPress and its associated plug-ins, you generally need to work within their parameters, and rarely do those parameters precisely match your web design project.

An experienced Toronto website designer may use a hybrid solution. This is where the website development content is controlled by WordPress, while any other functionality is custom developed. This is a perfectly acceptable solution for most web development companies and can give you the best of both worlds with no limitations for the unique functionality you require.

It should be noted that content controlled by WordPress is also very easily indexed by Google and the other major search engines. If having high search engine placement is a priority then WordPress may be a good match for your web design project. Web design companies Toronto should take the time to review these requirements with you and make recommendations on the best platform to use based on your online goals.

What About Bing?

Ask anyone to perform a web search on any topic and they’ll most likely fire up Google as the search engine of choice. Google’s popularity is so embedded in our digital lives that we actually refer to it as a verb: I Google, you Google, he Googles, she Googles, etc. But what about Microsoft’s contribution to the search engine world, Bing? Recently Microsoft has announced plans to revamp the distant-second search engine in both functionality and design. Should that make a difference to your website marketing strategies? It might.

At Rebel Trail, whenever we discuss marketing options with our clients, we often hear “I want to be in the top 5 with Google”. While we employ a number of methods to make that request a reality, we will caution our clients to not ignore Bing or Yahoo. Combined, Bing and Yahoo account for about 30% of search engine traffic, while Google claims about 66%. Obviously Google is the preferred marketing vehicle, but there are several reasons to not ignore Bing, and its market share is growing.

While Bing’s market share is about 16% it’s important to look at the landscape of that percentile. Most Fortune 500 and blue chip companies use a combination of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office as their primary operating system and productivity software. These companies are far more likely to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) as the default browser as it is already integrated in the operating system. It is also likely that these companies mandate that their employees use internet Explorer on any office hardware. What is the default search engine for Internet Explorer? You guessed it… Bing.

The logical conclusion is that if the target market of your website is other businesses, then Bing may be an overlooked source of marketing muscle. Bing’s 16% of the overall search engine market may be much higher in your target audience if your website is geared towards other businesses or companies. Google’s market share is primarily made up of individuals and personal consumers. While Google’s market share is growing as well, its rate of growth is slowing down while Bing is speeding up.

Bing has also announced plans to revamp its search engine in June. They plan to make their search results more relevant and also incorporate better social media tools. The Bing upgrade is designed to take more market share away from the Google behemoth, while making search results more accurate and friendly. Even if Bing is only partially successful with their redeveloped style and functionality, it will likely see an increased market share by the end of the year.

For more information on marketing strategies with all the search engines, contact Rebel Trail today.