What is HTML5 and How Will It Benefit Your Website?

HTML5 is the next generation coding language for website development and has many enhancements to its predecessor, HTML4. HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language and almost all websites are built using some version of HTML.

It’s actually been a relatively long time since the Internet has seen an update to HTML, as HTML4 was released way back in 1999. Back then, some of the new features included building websites in frames, the ability to use style sheets, and enhancements to tables. HTML5 was made official in 2011 and introduced many new features to the development language. While many of these features are designed to help search engine rankings, as well as content definitions, there are several tools that make it easier to publish and edit website content. A list of some of the main features of HTML5 includes:

  • Easily add captions to images
  • Streamlined coding environment
  • Make online content editable
  • Advanced validation of online form input
  • Better support for audio and video files
  • Ability to preload videos and display better video controls

Almost all websites will benefit from the new features HTML5, especially those with content that is frequently updated, or those that contain content management systems. At Rebel Trail, all websites developed by our studios since 2011 are fully HTML5 compliant and employ that latest coding techniques designed to achieve maximum online exposure for your business.

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