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Welcome to Rebel Trail Web Solutions. In business since 1996, Rebel Trail is an award-winning Toronto web design company that specializes in the development of websites and web applications for businesses and organizations. Rebel Trail is your one stop source for high impact, fully integrated web solutions. Our core services include website design and web site development, custom web application development, mobile application development, hosting, consulting, and search engine optimization services.

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Suzuki Canada - One of our Web Design & Web Development Services Client
Suzuki Canada
Rogers - One of our Web Development Services Client
Esso - One of our Web Design and Web Development Services Client
CIBC - One of our Web Design & Development Services Client
Phillips - One of our Web Design & Development Services Client

Web Development News

Rebel Trail is pleased to announce our latest client... CIBC!

Rebel Trail develops new website and online collaborative system for The Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Rebel Trail partners with Rogers to develop e-learning and testing systems for the heathcare and finance sectors.

Rebel Trail chosen to develop new website for the Directors Guild of Canada.

Rebel Trail develops online promotion for Energizer Canada.

Industry News

Avoid Most Common Mistakes When Building Your Website's Content Marketing Strategy
Oct 15, 2013
Still don't have a content marketing strategy in place? You can bet your competitors do, and if they regularly post good content in their blog and social media, they’re likely to outrank you in search and to gain more trust and authority with your target audience through that useful content that they post. Read More >>>

Killer Content Marketing: 5 Main Content Types that Drive Business
Sep 12, 2013
Content marketing is a way of subtly selling your product or service. It’s a method of positioning your company as a thought leader and to show prospects you don’t expect anything in return for the valuable information you’re providing. Read More >>>

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Web Copywriting Response Rate
Aug 29, 2013
Developing reader-friendly web copywriting isn’t easy. People have little patience when it comes to reading content online. They want answers and they want them now. The problem for us folks creating online content is it’s impossible to convince a prospect to choose our product or service in the time it takes for them to lose interest. Read More >>>

Onavo Launches Insights: Lean How Competitor’s Mobile Apps Really Perform
Aug 23, 2013
The first, and perhaps, most important step, in deciding to build a mobile app is to understand the marketplace. Learning about the competition can be the difference between success and failure. Read More >>>

So You Want to Make a Sitemap?
Aug 13, 2013
Let’s be honest. The sitemap probably isn’t the first thing you think about when designing a webpage. After all, it’s much more exciting to imagine the shiny graphics or your color scheme – heck, even how you design your navigation toolbar is probably more interesting. Read More >>>

Calls to Action and The Results-Driven Website
Aug 7, 2013
Gone are the days of the website merely acting as an online brochure for your company. There is no debating that fact. That being said, a results-driven website is more than just an additional tool for reaching your prospects and delivering engaging content. Read More >>>

Showrooming on the Rise: Why Your Business Needs a Strong Online Shopping Presence
May 16, 2013
Showrooming is a relatively new concept in the world of retail shopping, but it’s one that’s harming many real-world businesses. The term describes when an online shopper visits a retail store in order to view a product that they intend to later buy online. Read More >>>

Pinterest's New Business Accounts: Does Your Company Need One?
April 10, 2013
Well, here’s the short answer: if your business used to have a regular account on Pinterest and you want to stay on the site and use it for commercial purposes, you absolutely need a business account.Why? Because Pinterest says so. They are making it mandatory for all commercial businesses on the site to get a business account and agree to the business terms of service. Read More >>>

Your Website Could Be More Social
January 4, 2013
When discussing the website goals of a new client, we often ask “What about social media integration?”. This question is often met with uncertainty, or the client simply assumes that their website or business is inapplicable to the social media giants. However, now more than ever you should be taking advantage of social media sites as they can be one of the best promotional tools in your online marketing strategy. Read More >>>

What About Bing?
December 14, 2012
Ask anyone to perform a web search on any topic and they’ll most likely fire up Google as the search engine of choice. Google’s popularity is so embedded in our digital lives that we actually refer to it as a verb: I Google, you Google, he Googles, she Googles, etc. But what about Microsoft’s contribution to the search engine world, Bing? Recently Microsoft has announced plans to revamp the distant-second search engine in both functionality and design. Should that make a difference to your website marketing strategies? It might. Read More >>>

Should You Build a Mobile Website?
November 8, 2012
Many clients have asked us if they should build a secondary 'mobile website' to complement their primary website. Smartphones and other ultra-portable devices is the fastest growing market share of the website browsing world, and businesses are eager to cater to this audience. Read More >>>

What is HTML5 and How Will It Benefit Your Website?
October 30, 2012

HTML5 is the next generation coding language for website development and has many enhancements to its predecessor, HTML4. HTML is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language and almost all websites are built using some version of HTML.

It's actually been a relatively long time since the Internet has seen an update to HTML, as HTML4 was released way back in 1999. Back then, some of the new features included building websites in frames, the ability to use style sheets, and enhancements to tables. Read More >>>

Toronto Website Development - How Do We Compare?
Toronto is a mecca for many things; food, fashion, and music dominate our culture, but what about website design in Toronto? Toronto web development services are plentiful and highly competitive, but like all markets, there are general only a few who excel in website design in Toronto.

The Toronto web design culture is leading the industry along with other cities such as New York, San Francisco, Paris and London. Web design in Toronto is a growth industry and new web development companies are starting every month. At Rebel Trail, we service clients from right across the continent who are interested in web development in Toronto. If you would like more information on Toronto website design, please contact Rebel Trail for all your web development services. Read More >>>

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